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What is the God Thing?

So most people believe that their God (also known as Zeus, Jupiter, Allah, Ra, Odin, Brahma, and other various names) is the almighty creator of the world. ..Would you like to know who I think God is?

God is merely a fictional character that humans created in their minds and was given supernatural powers such as immortality, invisibility, and other similar traits. These beings, Gods, offer imaginary protection from all the evils in the world and also provide imaginary rational explanations of natural disasters and events such as hurricanes, fires, deaths, etc. to their creators. Gods are more often than not the central point which many religions revolve around. Many historians will agree that religion was started due to fears and superstitions – this basically results in the same being true for Gods as they are the building point for most religions. Some fictional characters, Gods, were created to make people feel better about themselves and not worry about their fears or superstitions.

Consider This: Some religions believe in one single God and other religions believe there are numerous Gods, yet each religion believes that only their God(s) is real and that other religion’s God(s) are fictional. This means that everyone who believes in a God of any religion thinks that their God is a real being, yet it is simply impossible for everyone’s opinions to be true. The truth is there is not a real God in existance and all of those people who believe in God are living their lives on a false basis.


Welcome To Atheist-Online

Welcome to

We are happy to announce this new website and hope you enjoy the many posts that will come in the near future. Our site will have many atheism related sections on it including quotes, cartoons, images, etc. We hope you check back soon to see the updates to our new website. To start off this first post I have posted an image below of someone in a FSM (Flying Spaghetti Monster) costume (found image on If you are unfamiliar with the FSM please check out this Wikipedia post:

Flying Spaghetti Monster Costume

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